CLIMA-VIA is a help system for citizens who intend to take a road trip in order to make them aware of the environmental and climatological parameters of interest.

It is based on low-cost sensors that detect, in a timely manner, some meteorological and environmental quantities so as to allow for an urban climatological picture of the point.


The model on which the system is based, consists in a wide dissemination of detection stations of environmental parameters distributed in strategic positions in the urban area.

The set of data observations of an area allow to obtain a more reliable and available result than a single high quality station.

Furthermore, the currently available meteorological surveys refer to stations located outside the urban area and are very often completely different from those that can be detected within cities, and are therefore a completely lacking corollary with respect to urban effects on human health.


It consists of components that integrate harmoniously. All the measured quantities are recorded on a Data Base and their availability makes it possible to carry out predictive processing both on meteorological conditions and on the evolution of atmospheric pollution. The alarms generated by the system allow an administration to conduct actions to safeguard the safety / health of citizens. Among these actions we can indicate, by way of example, but not exhaustive, the rescheduling of road routes to lighten traffic in highly polluted areas, the closure of city routes and the effect of important weather phenomena that can be dangerous for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


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