SAFE-ROADis a system consisting, in the basic version, of a vehicle on-board device, which acts as a receiver, and of an APP (Android / IOS), installed on the smartphone of the cyclist / motorcyclist, which acts as a transmitter. The objective of the system is to reduce the risk of cyclists / motorcyclists investing by vehicles.

SAFE-ROAD  on-board device is able to detect the presence in its vicinity of the APP on a smartphone of the cyclist / motorcyclist and, in case it detects it, he is able to calculate the distance. If the on-board apparatus detects the presence of a cyclist / motorcyclist, it emits a luminous and sound signal able to warn the driver of the vehicle of the approach of the cyclist / rider. The type of signaling is a function of the calculated distance of the cyclist / rider: if less than 5 meters, the light signal is red and the frequency of the sound signal is high; for longer distances, but within the limits of about 30 meters, the light signal is green and the frequency of the sound signal is low. Obviously the sound signal can be disabled by the driver operating through a manual selector placed on the on-board device..


Both cyclists and motorcyclists have great freedom in crossing roads that are often congested. This freedom can sometimes be very dangerous, especially when overtaking on the right side of a large vehicle or in its blind spots. Often the driver of the vehicle proceeds not seeing the cyclist / rider who is overtaking him so as to cause an accident that can have very serious consequences. Unfortunately the chronicles of the last years tell of a remarkable multiplicity of accidents between vehicles and cyclists / motorcyclists also considering the increase of the latter pushed very often by a commendable spirit of contribution to the environmental eco-sustainability and by a necessary alternative to the congestion of our roads.

SAFE-ROAD  is an important support for the safety of cyclists / motorcyclists.


It consists of devices that are installed inside vehicles whose dimensions are very small and comparable to a smartphone. For the power supply, the USB connection that is present in all vehicles can be used. The other component of SAFE-ROAD is the APP that cyclists / motorcyclists can install on their smartphone and activate it before embarking on a route and deactivate it at the end.

CEach device, if required, can communicate with a central system, through a mobile network, so that all the information useful for the determination of traffic models and for diagnostic and maintenance purposes are recorded on a data base.

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