SAFE-RIDE is a system consisting of a central system and devices distributed over the territory near the intersections between roads and cycle lanes or near road crossings that can reduce the risk of cyclists’ investments by vehicles.

SAFE-RIDE is based on sensors that every time detect the presence of a cyclist who is about to cross an intersection or a crossing and the concomitance of the approach of a vehicle informs both subjects (driver and cyclist) of the collision danger.


The dynamics on the intersections between roads and cycle paths or on road crossings are such as to represent one of the greatest risk factors for the safety of cyclists. Unfortunately the chronicles of the last years tell of a remarkable multiplicity of accidents between vehicles and cyclists also considering the increase of the latter pushed very often by a commendable spirit of contribution to the environmental eco-sustainability.

SAFE-RIDE  is an important support for cyclist safety.


It consists of devices that are installed at the intersections between roads and cycle lanes and near road crossings, each of which consists of sensors to identify cyclists, sensors to assess the pace of passing vehicles, a lighting system of the pedestrian crossing (only in poor ambient light conditions) of a lighting system to warn vehicles of the presence of a cyclist and a communication system to warn the cyclist of the presence of a vehicle whose pace could constitute a danger .. Each device communicates with a central system, through a mobile network, so that all the information useful for the determination of traffic patterns and for diagnostic and maintenance purposes (LINK) is recorded on a data base.

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