Present on the technology market for many years we have acquired a commercial capacity that is often successful for customer satisfaction.


Our strengths are the ability to take a flexible and creative approach to tackling the issues and identifying the most appropriate solutions.


We have worked in the past as distributors for several Italian and foreign companies producing high technology systems and equipment. Today Sistemi Futura operates mainly in the field of transport safety, where, in addition to the distribution of cutting-edge products, it develops innovative systems.


Our main interlocutors are the Italian Municipalities and managing bodies of private and state roads that want to offer greater security.


  • Street furniture in 100% recycled PVC:
    • “Bus Platform” modular platforms
    • Lanes separators “Zebra”, “Planter” and “Zipper”
  • Speed bumps
  • Road delimiters with photovoltaic power supply
  • Anti-seismic investigations
  • Georadar analysis
  • Monitoring of road and rail bridges
  • PE.G.A.S.O. (Pedestrian Crossing Guidance with Alerting Vehicle Speed Overhead)


our patent

PE.G.A.S.O. (Pedestrian Crossing Guidance with Alerting Vehicle Speed Overhead) is a very low cost pedestrian assistance system that allows street crossing with greater safety in conditions of limited visibility. It also provides a wide range of information related to Urban Climatology.

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